I'm committed to living and working at an Exceptional level.  For nearly three decades I have pursued business and projects that created a positive impact on people and planet and created valuable profit. Now I am focused on sharing my vast wealth of experience to help others become Exceptional with their own goals. I want you to breakthrough to reach the elite level of performance and create the wealth and success you have within you. 

 D  r  i  v  e   I  m  p  a  c  t

Jason Safford

Nationally Recognized Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur , 
Wealth Architect , Coach,
Exceptionalism Leader, Life and Business Growth Strategist

Remember, You Are Only One Win Away From Being Exceptional!

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How Can I Help You?

I help high performing leaders breakthrough their current crisis to achieve 
EXCEPTIONAL BUSINESS RESULTS that support their LIFESTYLE GOALS to make a bigger impact, 
reach an elite level of business, enjoy more personal freedom, and live the lives they truly love.

Over 1000 individuals and 300 companies have successfully achieved incredible results. My strategic business development and plans have helped generate over hundreds of millions in new revenue, thousands of new clients and over a half billion in funding through SBA and other lending platforms. 
Establishing the best fundamentals and habits for exceptional performance, you will gain time, healthier living and over lifestyle freedom that has been escaping your grasp for years.
Understanding your current challenges and identifying your alignment with your customer, we will quickly determine how to scale your business and increase your brand performance in the marketplace.
★ Strategic Business Development Planning
★ Lifestyle business architecture
★ Abundance mindset that connects people, planet and profit
★ Business & Life Strategic alignment
★ New client attraction and enrollment
★ Massive Publicity and Promotion through story selling and personal celebrity branding
★ Digital Marketing Website/funnel design/lead generation
★ Exceptional Business Development Leader with marketing and sales expertise
Would You Like To Know More About Me:
With more than 25 years in entrepreneurship, executive leadership, and environmental development, my extensive bio can be found here.
On A Personal Note:
I'm a survivor of Lyme Carditis and view life as a gift and a blessing.
I am a captain of life, pursuing adventure, business and really cool ways to impact the planet and its people. 
My personal interests include outdoor sports, traveling, writing, music and collecting great bottles of wine.
Let's get to know each other :-)

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Exceptional Results Now is focused on maximum performance for winning in the triple bottom line. We offer Products and Services that are focused in strategic planning, business development and precision execution for growth and accelerating your business results. 

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